Our Philosophy

At Roubin Properties, our philosophy is simple: There is much more to managing an investment property than simply managing the finances.

Maintaining prosperities in order to keep owner’s satisfied, while also establishing a good, reliable tenant base are equally important characteristics to Roubin Properties.

As a full service Property Management company, Roubin Properties manages the finances in a timely and orderly manner. Our specialized group of contractors, available at the most affordable rates possible, allows us to provide ongoing improvement on each asset we manage. Our property management solutions are designed specifically to fit the needs and requirements of each property owner and tenants. Our team exists to fulfill the needs of all property stakeholders.

Roubin Properties was founded primarily on the concern that there didn't seem to be any competent Management companies looking after the interests of property owners, and tenants - we strive to modify the situation in Windsor, Ontario by providing integrated property management services.

Roubin Properties has a successful history of acquiring mismanaged properties and not only changing the building in such a way to increase the value, but also making it a comfortable place for the tenants to call home.

With over 2 decades of real estate experience, my team and I maintain the skills and services required in fulfilling the needs of owners, boards of directors and tenants. Roubin Properties takes property management to a new level by striving to ensure satisfaction across all stakeholders as our primary responsibility.

Ryan Routliffe